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I like all if their recommendations. I know of a few MWs that attend births alone or with just an apprentice. What do they do if baby is unresponsive and mom is hemorrhaging? We refuse vax, erythromycin, vit k in the hospital so of course we can refuse it at home. MWs, no matter how skilled, are not pediatricians. Baby's should be checked out by doctors. I ama firm believer in not delivering twins, breeches or early babies at home. I am fortunate that I live in a place...
My husband swears my morning sickness isn't worse this time, but it is. My uterus is stretching like crazy, does anyone know if this is worse with second time moms? I am so happy DS is potty trained, I would puke on him if I had to do diapers. Fortunately, my husband has a thick skin. I have been kinda mean and grumpy.
Some doulas will attend UC births but it is a huge risk for her bc she can be charged for practicing medicine w/o a license. I don't know the AL birth climate at all but I'm sure other moms will have better input.
We eat a lot of eggs. They are easy, full of proteins and vitamins. You can cut the carbs. We will saute garlic, greens, carrots, tomato and put a fried egg on top. Plus cooking the acidic tomatoes in an iron skillet boosts the iron in the meal.
Ya, no I'm proud you left.
Maybe a trip to the chiropractor or a cranio-sacral specialist is in order? Precipitous birth is so hard on the body and mind, neither have time to integrate and deal with what is happening. Your raging hormones + new baby + headache all the time most be so hard. Get your body looked at and maybe meet with someone who can screen for PPD. No matter your method of choice, there are treatments for your spirit and body. I hope it gets better and congrats on the new bub.
It sounds like you may have PTSD, sometimes my mothers suicide 13 years ago still makes mine act up. Your loss is terrible. There are a lot of suicide support groups online, I am not an active member of any right now. I know my dad went to meetings in town. The first year, experiencing each new season again without our loved one is so hard. Reach out, be kind to yourself... Much love.
It isn't just horrific birth stories people talk about. It's car accidents, murders, anything like that people are drawn to. I run with a pretty crunchy crowd so our birth stories tend to.be.okay and if they aren't, we respect each others need to process them. Some of the most horrific births can be empowering and beautiful once they are processed, grieved and the mother forgives herself and those that may have let her down. The women you hear are working through their...
Read up on bishops score, Foley catheter and induction so you can really make informed decisions ad they lay on the pressure. I am glad your baby is doing so well!
I have been making big pots of Dal soup, eating boiled eggs, yogurt, healthy snacks. I've been trying to eat frequently enough so my blood sugar doesn't go nuts. My husband has been able to help with dinners. I didn't buy another chocolate after my last when disappeared down my gullet so quickly.
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