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http://evidencebasedbirth.com/ The danger is Strep B is for your baby, not you. This is a great article.
Take your time now to research early testing. See how you feel about the safety if ultrasound, amniocentisis, genetic screening and feel into what you would do differently with the results. Learn about informed consent and refusal. Celebrate with yourself by taking walks with your baby and enjoying these new feelings. It is sometimes uncomfortable to not have the validation of a Drs appointment, but there isuch you can be doing. Congratulations!
Just do your research and go with your gut. I chose MWs with glowing recs, they answered my questions right and seemed wonderful. I ended up transferring bc they were neglectful and had horrible bedside manner. I went on to have a beautiful hospital birth. This pregnancy I will probably go with a hospital midwife practice bc my gut hasn't found a good hb mw. I knew during my last pregnancy I was with the wrong provider but I wanted that home birth so bad. I labored for two...
The only midwife that I interviewed for home doesn't work in December:( I don't feel comfortable with other midwives in my area. I'm looking at a birth center in May. Your hospital sounds amazing. I would personally probably go with that just because it sounds so great.
I really just would not do it.
Yes, neck strength isn't very good yet. Can your husband drive your car when you work from home?
I really liked this post.
Oh, I love a happy ending. I am so glad you were in the right place.
Most incidence of placenta previa cause bleeding by the 28th week.
My son will be two in July. He loves to play with his penis. He'll reach for my husbands or my parts. I'll say yes that is my vulva and it belongs to mommy. I have tried to explain the difference because I caught him trying to put a tampon in his butt. We just try to keep it simple, to the point in a tone that is plain.
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