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It isn't just latch late preterm babies struggle with. At 38 weeks my soon could not coordinate suck, swallow and breathe well enough to suck from a bottle, let alone a breast.
One of the midwives I hired had never given birth. I don't know if it was her experience or the fact she had never given birth that made her terrible. She ate stinky food in my house (never do that to a laboring woman), tool loud phone calls (broke my concentration), was more concerned about me leaking on the floor than helping with walking(she chased me wth a chux instead) and left me at the hospital in the middle of a contraction. I think if you haven't given birth it is...
Great to hear your intuition helped you prepare. I am wishing you tons of great contractions!
It is more than oxygen, they need ventilation. I would not do it, but that is just me. Term babies do die, bit I still wouldn't want it to be mine.
Double post
Shiloh, I am so happy to hear how this has been for you and the immense thought process here. I am planning on very little monitoring from us and doppler next pregnancy. When I am having doubt and fear, I will think of your strength.
Yep, more gentle than a bulb.
Never used the changing table, just started using crib at twentyone months. What about a carrier: ergo, boba, tula, beco... Nose frida's are nice. You might not need the stroller. I.would stock up on frozen meals and snacks. If you are breast feeding you may need pads and a couple bras. Good luck!
Shiloh, I just read some of what you wrote in another thread. I understand what I poorly perceived as impatience before- never judge a book. I hope you will hear the heartbeat soon and I hope your mw understand why this is important and will try a little harder at your next appointment.
Give them to someone hungry:)
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