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Depending on the baby's development, correct vs incorrect dating, those few days can make a huge difference. I personally would not feel okay putting my midwife in that situation.
I am really feeling for you. It sounds like you would like to report her. I personally would do my best to keep her from practicing anymore. It will take a lot to go through an investigation. I hope you are getting good emotional support. Your doula is not in a capacity to be your support right now as she is in trauma as well. I am going to recommend the best trauma specialist for birth I know. Pam England who wrote Birthing From Within is also a highly skilled, educated...
Before 37 weeks your best bet is hospital. Even if there are successful preemie births on the internet at home, unassisted, babies born that early need may need special attention. Stay well hydrated, eat well and relax- keep that baby in and that is the best way to avoid the hospital. Please be safe for you and your baby. The hospital is a great place if you need it. I hope you get your homebirth, good luck!
Sometimes you can have an anterior placenta and that may block the Doppler. I would not b Concerned. Relax, don't buy a Doppler, you still need experience to distinguish between placental beat and baby's heart.
Birthing from within had practices you can adapt to teach a mom quickly. Non. Focused awareness, some visualization, Quaker listening. Practice teaching mom in short, clear instructions between contractions. I just learned these at a workshop with Pam England.
Your intuition is good here. It's so great that you took the initiative to really find out what was going on with your uterus. I would just let her know, however you feel is best for.you, that you need your records transferred. You are thecustomer, you are unsatisfied, you owe her no explanation unless you want to give one. Great listening to your body and inner knowing.
If they suspected staph it needs to be cultured so that the correct strain of staph can be matched with the correct antibiotic. A culture will take out some guessing or atleast eliminate some culprits. I hope they figure something out. Good luck!
Have you had a culture done?
Depending on where you live her training may be great to nil. Most hb mw's do not carry malpractice insurance, in my state it is not required. I would ask: How well are you received at hospitals? Which hospital are you comfortable transferring to? Why? Can you write prescriptions? If not and I needed one quickly, who do you work with that could see me? (i had an infection while pregnant) Can I get references from clients that birthed at home and also had to...
So the drive between towns can be a pain, there's a lot of winding roads. Both areas are pricey. I know that there is a Northern NM baby wearing group on FB., Mikhailia d'la Leone is an admin, some moms there might know of schools. Santa Fe has trader Joes, whole foods, a coop, los Alamos has a smiths. I grew up in Santa Fe and loved it. Good luck.
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