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I'll try too! DS was born Saturday, so pretty much all that's been happening is nursing and diaper changes!
I think there's only been one baby so far! I've been having crazy prodromal stuff, though :( I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, so I'm hoping it'll be soon.
I'm done. There is literally nothing left for me to do, which makes waiting hard! I've done freezer meals, home projects, washed clothes and prepped diapers. We moved out our dining room table to make room for the birth pool, and now all that's left is to meet our baby :)
Hahaha- "Oh, yeah. We thought about that, but we wanted our baby to live." His bit on homebirth made my husband more comfortable with the idea.
If you pm me the email linked with your Facebook, I can try to add you.
How are you doing now, @Philothea ?
Thanks for letting me know! Good luck with what's going on. 
Just a reminder that the shipping deadline has passed and your beads should be on their way to me! If you haven't mailed them out, do so now if you want to be included in the swap!
My breasts have started feeling reallllly heavy again. They were so, so painfully empty. DD also says she's getting milk, but I don't know if I believe her either ;) I'm still unable to express anything by hand. 
I tried! It didn't work with your email and I'm not smart enough to figure it where to go from there.
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