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I say go for it.  I started the 2012 declutter challenge above not really sure if I even had that much stuff to get rid of.  Well I finished it the other night and still have more to go.  It is so freeing knowing that I wear all the clothes in my wardrobe and that the whole thing fits in one drawer and a small section of our closet.  We have more space and more time because we have less stuff and less to clean.   I took a lot of inspiration from this...
I'm going to low ball another estimate of 100 items.  Lots wool dish towels,some hockey equipment and old underwear and jersies.   I also have a huge bin of baby cloths ready to be sorted for donations and garbage.  I'll be at 2012 within the next 24 hours!  I'm hoping to be close to 3000 by the time Christmas comes.  There is no way I am pulling out all of my decorations and stuff along with my winter items in September so they'l have to wait.   1826+100=1926
27 various housewares   1799+27=1826   Less than 200 to go!
Another 27 books from the shelves that I've been purging from since January.  Also dropped off all the stuff from the past week at a used goods store so my car is significantly emptier and my mind a little clearer.   4 bottles and 6 nipples to go to a friend.   And... the best part of today is that my husband got rid of TEN t-shirts!  Yay!  This is a huge step for him!   1751+27+10+10=1799
43 items, mostly socks and undergarments, plus 6 nursing bras back to their owners. 14 cleaning items to be passed on   1694+43+14=1751
55 was when I stopped counting the crap since there was just too much.  Lot's of gift bags, goggles, award frames, balloons, housewares and other junk.   1639+55=1694
78 peices of childrens clothing ready for donation/consignment, 3 leftover bags of halloween candy, 6 childrens books.   1552+78+6+3=1639
32 books, 2 diaper rash creams, 98 articles of clothing. Phew!   1420+32+2+98=1552
120 toiletries packed and ready to go to a women's shelter   1300+120=1420
I haven't been around much but I've been decluttering like crazy over my holidays.  Last count I was at 725, and I figure I'm around 1300.  I've been rounding up and down here and there, but today alone my purging numbers are 42 peices of my clothing and shoes, 15 magazines, 51 peices of garbage, 5 gift bags, a knitting bag with two knitting books and about 80 free patterns(I counted these as 8), plus another huge bag of stuff that I lost count at around 75 and kept...
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