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Cant stand creepy "Love you Forever"......I also dislike the controlling tone of "The Runaway Bunny" Margaret Wise Brown
Im planning on 2 U/S early one and next is in a couple of weeks - 16 weeks. Im Advanced Maternal Age with all those lovely associated risks...but not doing any tests. Wouldnt change anything anyway. DD #1 was a lovely waterbirth at a birth center attended by midwives. Baby #2 Im hoping for home. no uneccessary interventions and lots of good wholesome food and exercise.
Im have been given 2 due dates 5th and 7th November. Im guessing a boy - last time though guessed a boy and was a girl. My DD is sure she is having a sister!
Congratulations Littlestarlet! Relax and enjoy.....after 12 weeks your risks do go down. But Im there with you....Im pregnant with baby number 2 and will be 39 before the little one gets here. No-one likes to be described as high risk just because of age. I was high risk with baby number 1 when I was 36. You have already beaten so many odds in conceiving and if you are a healthy 40 you are probably in much better shape than some who are younger and not so healthy. Relax...
I also make my own washing detergent so I know what is in there - borax, bicarb of soda, grated castile soap. My daughter also helps to plant up the veggie garden, weed and has her own flower bed!
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We eat mainly organic, I cook from scratch and use cloth diapers...but that is also what my mum did. I have been keeping chickens so my daughter can see the cycle of weeds and scraps to feed chickens, eggs from chickens, then cleaning the coop and using as fertilizer on the veggie garden.
hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent (7th generation in my case) mixed 4:1 in a spray bottle for stains on upholstery and carpets...lifts them right out.
I use a baking powder paste mixed with lemon juice to clean my tile work, ceramic sinks and toilets. Works well to get off stubborn stains and brightens the grout.
I use vinegar to wipe down my surfaces and when I clean my linoleum floor. I recently started soaking citrus peels (whatever I have - lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges, etc) in the vinegar for 2 weeks plus...leaves a wonderful scent
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