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Congratulations to all of you mommas!
Wes Noble born at home after 15 hours of labor on 3/23/14! He weighed 9lbs 3 oz and had a nuchial arm but the labor went awesome all things considered. We are blessed. Sending lots of love and positive energy to you all~~
Ahh, everyone's on Facebook, that explains it! I was wondering where all the announcements were, lol. Well, I'm not on that particular social media so I just have to wish positive experiences for all! Due date came and went, I'm working on letting go and accepting what will be will be, if my sonny comes tomorrow or two weeks from now...it's all as it should be! Although I could do without the soreness that comes w being 40+weeks pg;). Hang in there moms, whoever still...
I'm doing alright...trying to stay occupied as possible but I'm anxiously looking toward to meeting my guy. I'm super uncomfortable but that goes w/o saying:)
Congratulations on your baby girls birth! So happy that everything worked out so well and that she's doing so good! Enjoy your time
Congratulations mama!!
Congratulations!! Love the coed picture, baby is so focused:)
Congratulations! She's gorgeous!!!! Here ze bebes come!
I'm usually very amiable and friendly, but carrying this little boy has made me quite confrontational so I'm definitely not getting the 'you're so sweet' thing from my husband...What I am getting is a crazy amount of energy directed towards my newly developed badonkadonk. I've always appreciated a luscious butt so I'm pretty stoked about my juicy bootie but hubby brings it to a whole different level.  He is obsessed.  We haven't even been particularly intimate throughout...
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