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155 for me today... 
I'm at 156.5!!
158!! wooooo!
Somehow it seems unfair that I am already coming back to premenstrual time... but definitely retaining water. I was so good this week, even with Hallowe'en in there! But still 161. Here's to a big downward shift this week! Enough already!
Well, I'm still at 161 (I think that was my weight last week...) I want this week to drop me below 160!
Not a great day yesterday for me. Kept eating things I shouldn't (chocolate bar, anyone?). And kept eating, too. The eating/food part is so hard; depression/anxiety don't make it any easier!   Tillymonster, I'm sorry you are feeling down. Losing weight is hard, and there are so many complicating factors. I actually don't believe that calories in/calories out is all there is to it, as I have seen in myself that when I am happy and eat a lot (of all sorts of things...
Yoga and a good long walk today.
Went for a run this a.m... A bit chilly at first, but nice!
I went for a "run" on Saturday, but my legs are so sore today! I did about 40 minutes of fairly brisk walking, but not as brisk as when my muscles don't feel like achy rubber... I'm going to try running again tomorrow.
I am at 161 this a.m.! That's more like it...
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