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Quote: Originally Posted by luvmy3boys I am guessing she hasn't stopped because last time she stopped it said so on her front page...I imagine she is just still working on replying to everyone which is why you haven't heard back yet. That's kinda what I imagine, and I hate making a nuisance of myself by e-mailing over and over LOL Thanks!
Thanks, I think I will send another e-mail to be sure... L
Does anyone know when she stopped taking custom orders? I e-mailed, but haven't heard back. Just wondering... Thanks ladies, and lucky you who got spots! Leslie
Congrats! Oh the wonder of a new baby in cloth! Enjoy the welcoming and bonding, and everything beyond! Leslie
Hi everyone I have been measuring large, too... causing much significant looking between my MWs, due to my already having twins... I am determined to deliver this baby at home, though, and if they decide it's twins, I will be taken to the hospital... but I am certain it isn't... just one big/strangely postioned baby- I swear I only ever feel movement in my ribs LOL! I am keeping my fingers crossed that at this appt (on wednesday) I will measure closer to date. I am...
Oh, the drama of HB... I am also tending toward a UC, just because in my neck of the woods, MWs are SO medical, that it's nearly impossible to not have intervention. I am seeing a MW, as it is covered by my provincial health plan, and so if I decide I need the support, I have it at my fingertips. I have had no US, doppler, etc, don't know what the sex is, but have heard the heartbeat with my friend's fetoscope, which I have borrowed. I know there can be a lot of debate...
Yay, cloth! I will be using only cloth, as I did with my twins (except when travelling for long times, LOL), but I am making all of my stash, except maybe 5 that I'm getting from the TP. I am trying to make enough soakers, wool covers, longies and QD fitted dipes for NB, SM, and MED, as I know I am going to be hard pressed for creative time once baby arrives! I am getting some birdseye flats for the very early days, when the baby is so tiny and growing so fast, and to...
Well, I look behind me, and both Alegria and Guinevere have bare bums in the air as they draw all over the Canadian Tire sales flyer... so nothing, which is par for the course around here. Luckily, I'll have a new one to diaper in a couple of months! Leslie
I wouldn't worry about the bikini cut ... if it's done properly it should be as wide across the bum as a regular just narrower between the legs. Awhile ago there was a bit of a dilemma because the instructions for making them were somewhat confusing (the instructions said to make them narrower by trimming to the elastic line for the regular ...all the way from front to back ... and that was too much ... last I heard the consensus was to trim to the regular elastic lines in...
I am a newish lurker here, but I would be happy to be on the list... Leslie Baby #3 (#s 1&2 are twins) due Nov 29! Thanks!
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