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I think you have gotten really good advice here.  I think it is easy to get caught in a trap of trying to not let our firstborn experience any discomfort.  But it does not actually serve the child well to agree with them that they are unable to be okay without you doing everything they want. Take care of yourself.  During the day get help caring for your child so you can be whole.  Decide what things you are happy to do at night and what things are beyond your capacities....
My 7yo dd does these things- the excessive talking, interrupting, pushing verbally.  I think it is a combination of verbal skills being her strong suit and wanting attention.  But, as an introvert, all I want to do is run and hide in the quiet.  She often really has nothing significant to say, it is like a stream of consciousness that she has no control over spilling out of her mouth.  Often when excessive she is wiggly and can get goofy and her voice can get very loud and...
Hey ladies, I am on the prowl for a fleece pouch sling.  Preferably one that is sized- not adjustable.  Any recommendations? TIA!
I love the Melinda G t-shirt bra.  And Bravado makes lots of great nursing bras.
Lily- you can always ask the doctors to explain the pros and cons of any procedure.  You should be given informed choice for any procedure they are offering you or your baby.  If you disagree with them doing a procedure, simply state that you would like to go 'against medical advice' and will sign the paperwork releasing them from liability.  I did this with one of my children- and left the hospital without having my baby taken away from me once, or given any shots or eye...
If you want stronger meds than your midwife can provide, which depends on the laws in your state, then simply go to your regular doctor and ask for them from her. Just tell her that you want care for this one medical issue, and that your regular pregnancy care will be handled by your midwife.  
I would breastfeed first for every feed.  Only after offer formula.  Supply is directly related to demand, so the more often your baby suckles, the more your breasts will know to make.  Pumping does not stimulate your breasts the same amount as actual suckling.  Also, the amount of milk you pump out is not the amount that your baby is getting in a feed.  Suckling is much better at getting milk out.   Good luck!
I don't think it is dangerous at all to fall asleep while nursing and co-sleeping. That's kind of the point- to get sleep while your brain is synched up with your babe. I use pillows and a comforter. Since the baby and I are snuggled at breast level against each other I don't see how she could suffocate without me being aware. You'd have to smush the blankets into her nose and mouth to prevent breathing. Just having them over her face will not suffocate a person.
I would be aggressive and get rid of that yeast infection before pushing a baby out of irritated tissues ASAP! Try Monistat or Yeast Arrest brand boric acid suppositories! Good luck!
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