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I think what you are feeling is completely normal.  You do not know the baby in your belly the way you know your loved ones who are out in the world.  The actual physical signs your body uses to bond with the baby will not occur until birth. I have a real sense of love for this baby, but it is ethereal.  It literally feels dreamy and up in the sky somewhere.  The actual baby is not known.   I also think loving more than one child comes naturally.  You just love your...
I would do something warmer for his legs and feet.  Wool or fleece pants to go over cotton ones, and shearling or fleece booties with socks for the feet.  My kids always get cold limbs on winter hikes in the ergo- I feel so bad when their tiny dangling feet get so cold! And- I have that Columbia down bunting.  I love it.
GMD prefolds, covers, favorite is Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, and cloth wipes Ergo type carrier Baby swing  Big bed for co-sleeping Stroller- my favorite is the City Mini as it's lightweight, simple and durable Simple baby clothes, most starting at size 3months, size newborn is often too small to last more than a couple weeks especially with the bulk of cloth diapers.            -Carters brand onsies and one piece suits are good quality and fit well for the price    ...
I do not consider myself modest at all.  But I only ever nurse in public by lifting my shirt, and then the baby and shirt cover me up.  I don't lift my breast out the top of my tank tops in public- that just feels weird for me.  I have never used one, but I do think nursing covers call attention to nursing way more than the baby snuggled into your shirt- but you gotta do what makes you comfortable.    
Any time we have had a bad rash it turned out to be yeast too.  I only use water on my wipes though- we are sensitive to soap.  
I would let her know you are scared of taking it and ask her if she has any alternative ideas.  Monistat, Gyne-lotrimin, or Yeast Arrest (boric acid suppositories) are all safe in pregnancy.  
If you are wanting to get your iron up I would highly recommend taking Floradix for a month.  It absorbs really well and has helped me with my energy levels.  
Hey ladies, Want to join with me on making a to do list?  Ideally I want to feel completely ready to receive this baby by 36 weeks.  That's really not very far from now considering I can only move at a snails pace... -Cleaning, I have so much cleaning I want to get done.  Cobwebs, windows, a good bathroom scrub... -Washing baby items.  I have gone through and washed a bunch of baby clothes and diapers.  Now I need to organize and set up the changing...
Honey, I am right there with you.  I am uncomfortable and I hurt.  My patience is thin.  I need time to myself.   I am really working on taking care of myself and saying no to things.  I am napping and lounging when I can.  After I do the dishes, I take a break.  After I pick up the kids, I take a break.  I hang back at home a bit more if dh takes the kids somewhere to get more alone time. I am so looking forward to holding this baby.  Growing it has been rougher than my...
I totally agree with preemieprincess.  And, really, you just can't live your life caring what others think of you.  So some folks look down on me for being at home with my kids?  Oh well, I like being home with my kids.  I hope they work towards whatever they like too.  Our mothers and grandmothers fought hard for our freedoms, and I am going to carry that torch and pass it on to my kids too!
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