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Mamajama, great to hear that your little one is doing better and that the inhaler helped manage it. Mamatothreeboys, my eyes did pop out of my head when I saw that his oxygen went to 55, wow what a scare for you. I also wonder how you managed with 2 other little ones at home. Have you checked out the naet.com web site, or the Reversing Asthma book by Richard Firshein. Both are directed more at adults but definilty worth a look. Karen
My 2 yr dd has just returned home from a 5 day hospital stay as a result of asthma. She had her first attack about 8 months ago, and after getting the nebulizer at the hospital was fine to go home. Then about 1 mo ago, while we were visiting family in portland she had another attack - by the time we got to the hospital it was fairly scary. Then last week, she developed a runny nose, followed by cough, and I knew we would end up at the hospital. I thought it would be for a...
I don't know which board to post on but I am looking to discuss with others whose children may have food intlorences that affect their mood. We are doing some elimination as we think dairy turns our 21 month dd into an exhausted monster. Any thoughts on where I should post would be helpful - KarenM : :bf
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