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Didn't CAPPA use to have a special certificate in teen support? I can't find it on the website anymore. Does anyone know of any other organizations that offer a doula certificate in teen support?
Thanks for the reply. I'll call the doc. on Monday. I'm a nervous wreck now
my 5 month old seems to get really cold if it's under 75 degrees in the house. To the point where her lips turn purplish. Today it is 70 degrees in the house and I have her dressed in a long sleeved onesie and pants. She just woke up from her nap with ice cold hands, and a cold face with purplish lips. Is this normal?
What do you use to clean your kitchen with? Where do you keep them and what do you do with them when they are dirty? Also What do you use to clean your toilets?
What herbs are you taking for a healthy pregnancy and delivery? I want to start taking Alfalfa- can anyone recommend a good supplement?
Can someone please PM me the link to the yahoo group
Hey everyone, Can someone PM me with the Yahoo link I have been super busy, but when the holidays are over I will get back to writing and reading everyone's work!
Quote: Originally Posted by gilamama i got 2 offers 5$ and 7$. Yay!!!!! I accepted them both and am working on a third article. I think a goal of 4 articles a week is good for me for now. So do you guys submit your writing elsewhere as well? please pm me the list of everyone's AC names. My articles are still "processing" how long does it take after you accept the offer for it to publish? When they publish I will send you all my "pen...
I am so mad! My CM must have changed because my articles were being reviewed in 3-4 days and I was receiving almost $5 on average per article. Well now my I am receiving $3.80-$4 per article and they are taking over a week to be reviewed. I am especially upset because I wrote a bunch of articles to make extra money for DH's birthday next week but I probably won't receive payment for them in time (since they haven't been reviewed yet) to get the present I picked out...
New Posts  All Forums: