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Haven't been here for a long while, due to having access on a very compact travel laptop. The horizontal scrollbar is such a nuisance. I just can't stand horizontal scrolling when only half a page is visible. Is there some way to adjust that, or switch something?   Anything? Help!!! I need my Mothering fix!
I fit into regular maternity clothes, but I only bought shirts made of stretchy fabrics. The one with ruched sides fit the nicest. I went two sizes up in pant size, but I bought pants two sizes up when I was three months pregnant. Both pairs were loose in the beginning and still fit me at the end - a bit snug, but the shirts covered that. The stretchy yoga pants were great. I guess I'm trying to say "don't stress over it now, buy a size larger and deal with clothes later...
Congratulations!!! Awesome babies!!!!
Calcium weighs a lot. I bet you have excellent bone structure and not at risk for future osteoporosis. And it registers as extra numbers on the scale. So don't measure yourself by an averaged out stupid number. Be healthy and happy.
That's what I thought, too - cause & consequence confusion. Anyway, my two cents - ultrasounds every two weeks since week 5, every week from week 34, three times on week 37, if I remember correctly, was not in labor before cesarean at week 38.
Not pregnant anymore, just posting to say CONGRATULATIONS Adaline'sMama!!! and Welcome to the twins club!
Have some "purpose" rooms. You can change one into an exercise room - an elliptical machine, some weights, and other sports equipment stored and at the same time displayed - like roller blades, tennis rackets, whatever you have. It can be stored in that room and serve as decor (and motivation). Add a poster of your favorite activity (cycling, rock climbing, whatever), and voila.   If I had an extra room, I'd have a "jungle" room. I have a few rare tropical plants...
Forgot to add one more detail - you'll be given blood thinner shots because of thrombosis risk. If you have stinging nettle (brennnensel) in your pregnancy teas or nursing teas, don't drink them - it's a blood clotting herb.
A small tip for hands-free pumping: do it in a chair with handles - put some fabric, like a t-shirt or two, on each side between you and the chair handles, make a "nest" for the bottle in the fabric, put the bottles there when you pump, and voila. I have a chair similar to this one, I started using my pump there and I even thought my pump was "hands-free". Then I read some reviews on it and was surprised to learn that others had to hold the cups.   You'd have to hold...
Just looking after the grounds might be a part-time job. Would you have time? would you hire it out?   I see you're in New England. Imagine heating that place!
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