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I think that's awesome! 
  Will those docs deliver breech as well? 
The North Texas ICAN Chapter has a member who has had 2VBA4C with Dr. Cummings. We also have several members who have had VBA3C with him too, one with an inverted T.   He has also spoken at two of our ICAN meetings, and the turnout was amazing!  
There are 3 OBs that come highly recommended.    Dr. Downey in Richardson Dr. Cummings in Denton Dr. Weinstein in Frisco   There are also a number of midwives in the area who are VBAC friendly. Would you consider a birthcenter or homebirth?
I am not neveraim. We are 2 totally different people.    I am super busy, but I will allocate time to things I find important and things I have compassion for. I found it important to search through the yahoo group to make sure I didn't miss something and then post here with my thoughts/experience. I am not bullying you, I am just providing my side of the story. Our opinions not agreeing does not mean I am bullying you.    The ICAN Chapter you are referring to...
Actually I attended 10 of those 18 meetings. I guess I missed the one(s) you are referring to. I can honestly care less who one chooses as a care provider. Each person has to decide for themselves. I had a VBAC with an area OB and I have never heard her name mentioned on ICAN and I never felt pressured from ICAN to change care providers.   I think it is very unfortunate that you had a bad experience, but that doesn't mean everyone does or will. That goes for care...
I just felt like I had to post something here as well. I am a member of the yahoo group that you speak about, and I spent a large amount of my time looking back at the history of posts.   You posted to the group saying you were TTC and that you were already with Dr. XYZ. You posted a few times asking about OBs for VBA4C and then about VBAC friendly OBs. One person asked if you would consider a midwife. The responses you got were that Dr. XYZ is probably the only OB...
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