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The main thing is that your son is having no trouble urinating and doesn't seem to be experiencing any pain or problems. Right? So, if there's no problem, there's no problem.   You said the first doctor wanted to prevent "further" infections. Did your son already have an infection in that area?
I found the diaper sprayer useful. But you don't really need it. I don't think it's worth running a hose from another room. You can always just dunk in the toilet, or scrape off with a butter knife
I want to quibble with the idea that it's only an exciting "surprise" if you find out the sex at birth. It's a surprise no matter when you find out. It's just a matter of which day you want the surprise on.   I chose to be surprised with my son's sex when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. It was a fun surprise.
It just screws on and off. I wouldn't consider it an alteration of the plumbing. We didn't ask our landlord when we rented.
That's so weird! Isn't scarlet fever a side effect of strep throat? How can you even vaccinate for that?
I think my 7-month-old was still for sure waking every 2 hours or so. If there's something you can do about it, that's news to me. The best thing I tried was "wait it out".
Just say, "I'm really happy to help you while you recover from your surgery. But I have two children of my own and it isn't easy to juggle them all when everyone's sick. Don't micromanage when I pick up my kid and when I don't. It's pretty irritating and I can't imagine why you'd comment on it."
When they act out, act like a shocked, unimpressed friend rather than a punishing adult: "Dude, throwing stuff again? You gotta knock that off. It's pretty embarrassing for you."   When you're alone with them? Don't take away their snacks. Obviously they need their snacks regardless of their behaviour. Just forget about that rule.   I would never in my life describe a mother who took "snack time" away from her 15-year-olds when they didn't please her as "lax". I would...
You're their cousin! Be cool.   You can't tell a fifteen-year-old that if he throws tantrums, he won't be allowed to have snack time. That's something you would (maybe) tell a 4-year-old. No wonder they are acting up around you.   You don't have to take them out and pay for dinner constantly. Buy things they can fix themselves: lunch meat, bread, cheese, mini carrots, boxes of clementines, pasta and sauce. And tell them that food's in the fridge. Teenagers will just...
What about asking the teacher if a ride could be found for your daughter?   And other parents can be really helpful here. I know that my mom drove me to youth orchestra every week... and also drove about 3 other kids.
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