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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let you know I had my identical twin boys. I was planning a home birth, but went into preterm labor at 33.5 weeks on April 25th and just knew something was off.  Went in to the hospital to check on the babies and get hydrated as I had been sick a few days before.  Turns out they were twin to twin transfusing and was rushed in for an ER C-section.  What an adventure!  My babies are still in the NICU, a brand new baby friendly becoming...
  Name? (if you feel like it) Akilah   You and maybe your partners age at the birth? Just me and I am 30 Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?  Mono/Di Fused placenta and separate sacs What number of kids will is be for you?  These will be my first Genders? Will you be finding out?  They are boys EDD and or planned birth timing?  June 10 State you live in?  WA Anything else you want to...
I would love to participate!
You are so welcome ladies!  I am just so glad they helped you all get some relief!   Yay!
Yep I experienced that.  I found rubbing castor oil on my belly helped and also this website http://spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/inversion has a great exercise that helped balance out my ligaments.  Hope that helps!
Thank you for your well wishes!  Yes definitely a shocker!  Twins don't run in my family at all, my grandma and great grandma had between 14 and 16 children with no twins, so I wasn't prepared for the possibility.  I'm feeling great though, I've had a super healthy pregnancy without any morning sickness or exhaustion that is typical with twin pregnancies.  So I opted out on a first trimester ultrasound, my first one was this last one.  Yes it's definitely scary, but also...
So I was convinced I was having a girl.  I went in for my 20 wk appt.  My fundus measured 26 cm and there were 2 heartbeats.  Ultrasound confirmed I'm expecting twin boys.  Anyone else here expecting twins or already has twins?  I'm a single first time mom so I would love any support from other mom's!
I am.  I'm taking the New Chapter Prenatal Wholemega.  It works really well for me.
  Weeks/Days along: 15 weeks 2 days Appointments: Not lately Symptoms: Still sore breasts, some nausea and m/s and this painful round ligament pain. Food: Can't seem to get enough. Exercise: 2 X a week Body changes and other milestones: I am busting out the maternity clothes and love my belly bump! Thoughts:  OUCH! Three words. Round ligament pain!  
  Name:  Akilah Weeks/Days along: 13 wks exactly Appointments: I have had two with my homebirth midwife whom I adore! Last one I heard the heartbeat which was super exciting! Symptoms: I've noticed nausea for the first time in my pregnancy in the last week, just the transition with the placenta taking over, I think.  Other than that I am glowing and happy! Food: Anything and everything.  I took your advice and checked Chipotle Grill for the first time..LOVE...
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