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Hello.  I was wondering if any of you had new born boy who had hydronephrosis?  My boy's one kidney is larger than the other.  It was detected during pregnancy and also detected again after he is born. How did you deal with it? Does it get better, become normal size?  Should I be stressing about it?  I am worried though. Please let me know any info. Thanks.
Alhumdulillah (All Praise Belongs to God), our first baby boy, full name Omer-Hamza Ariturk, is here!  He was born on his due date, Wednesday at 3:30 am :-)))  A 7lb 3 oz healthy boy.  My active labor was about 4 hours! I gave birth to him at a free-standing birthing center.  I used the Jacuzzi and I am so glad that I did.  To be honest I was very naive about the whole birthing process, especially this is my first pregnancy.  I was a long road for me, each minutes feel...
January 10, 2012   I think I am at the first stage of labor. Around 2:50am I just saw blood, “the bloody show.”  Also I have contractions more unusual than the practice ones. I have being having the BH more frequently last few days.  They came and went away and were not regular.  However, now I am feeling them both on lower back and on front. Also, my upper thighs get shaky. My contraction started around 2:25 am.  I am not sure how far along I am when it comes to the...
Beautiful baby :-) Welcome to the world!
So sad to hear such news. May God give you patience. May you have the best news from now on to come along with this new year.
Yeah, I feel that way too! I had amazing pregnancy so far.  I have such a bad heartburn that I can't eat most food.  I feel bloated, so much pressure, and much less energetic.    Now I understand what many women go through during first trimester. 
Congratulation! He is so beautiful    I just hopped on my 36 weeks. I am so glad that you had a natural birth, and he is healthy. Best wishes for you!
Hi. Thanks for the welcome.  Btw, the avatar is a photograph taken by my husband.  It is the patch of woods near his college. Its at Penn State York campus :-)))  It is beautiful :-)) 
Hello there. Good luck with your pregnancy. I also know the Birth Care at Bart/ Christiana, PA. I am not sure if this is too far from you. You can check out their website at birthcaremidwives. com... or search birthcare, Midwifery Birth Center & Women's Health near Lancaster, PA. Good luck!
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