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We use melaleuca scent-free. It's all-natural, we also use it on his clothes, so I don't think it'd be the detergent because wouldn't he have a reaction with his clothes too? Since the diapers are all new, they've only been washed a handful of times. But we do a cold rinse first, then a hot wash with half the detergent and a cold rinse. We tumble dry the inserts and line dry the shells.
My son is two weeks old, we started him on his cloth diapers after his umbilical cord fell off at 1 week old. We are using the Fuzzibunz OS diapers, but ever since we started he has had a recurring red rash on his bottom, and red bumps along the inside of his thighs. He cries every time we change his diaper and it breaks my heart! I wasn't sure if it was cloth diaper related, so I put a Seventh Generation disposable on him, and it cleared up. Now I am soo scared that I...
I would love to have a king size bed for co-sleeping, my baby is due in 8 weeks. Right now we just have a sealy queen mattress.   Just wondering what king bed you have and why you love it? We don't want to spend more than $1000 on a king mattress, preferably less..
I'm pregnant with my first child and planning to cobed/cosleep (I will probably keep a playpen with bassinet next to my bed if it's not going well a certain night or something). But I am not sure whether I should register for a crib or not? I have a friend who tried cosleeping with her son, and he wouldn't do it, so he became a crib-sleeper.    Or should I just wait until the baby is born and see how things go, if I really need it? What did you ladies do.
I like finding quality products because I know some things are an investment and I will be spending less in the long run if I pay more up front. Example: jeans for me. I have long legs and really like jeans that fit my body well and are comfortable, so I will spend $100 on a pair of jeans, I think $50 would be deemed reasonable and quality will be better than most, but some of my favorite brands are closer to $100 so I will spend that..   A shirt - $15-$25 for a good...
 I love Rowan! SUPER cute name!! I agree that for cousins it shouldn't be a big deal :)
Hello all! I just found the mothering community boards today, and I'm very excited! I've read some of the articles in the magazine, and am so sad they stopped printing! Here's crossing my fingers to reprint because there is definitely no other natural mother's resources out there! I need a community, I feel like all my ideals for parenting are shot down everywhere I go! Even other "well-meaning" moms think I'm just "ignorant" and will change once I actually have the...
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