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Hi Deborah this is BBeal just wonted to say con grates i am preying for you and hope all works out
 To all the lady's who reached out to me in my post {MY BABY HAS BEEN DEAD FOR THREE WEEKS AND CERVIX REFUSE TO OPEN AND WILL HAVE TO GET A D&C ON MONDAY} thank you so very much I have felt so alone in dilling with my 2 MC and for the first time some one understands and even are having some of the same issues .You lady's will never under stand how you breath life back in me when I felt so defeated and gave me my fight back.     Post D&C I fill much better but not...
You are so correct. Every pregnant woman i see makes me think of what i don't or maybe wont have and that is hard to swallow even tho I'm happy for  the woman i still have a emptiness inside
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