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No, that's not right at all. Students with an IEP can and do get regular diplomas -- the person who told you that was misinformed.  
I've never heard of that -- thanks, I'll look into it!  
I have a four week old EBF baby. I also have a chronic pain condition (fibromyalgia) that I usually control with a variety of methods including therapeutic massage, physical therapy, biofeedback, and medication. I had to stop taking my medication when I was pregnant, and ultimately found that most of my symptoms were in remission during pregnancy.   Now that I have a four week old, my pain issues have returned with a vengeance. The drug that I normally take that...
What about gDiapers or Flips? They have reusable shells and disposable inserts.
So amazing! Congratulations!!  
Congratulations!!! Enjoy your snuggle time!  
Oh, they absolutely are. I used to work with someone whose husband worked for a drug company in Maryland that created a new Anthrax vaccine. Before they even began the process for FDA approval, they had an order from the US Military for 2,000,000 doses, to be delivered before the vax was even submitted for review.  
I've found that this group is just not as active as some of the other DDCs, and messages never seem to appear when I click New Posts. It's also kind of hard to navigate to the social groups -- it's not as intuitive as getting to the forums. Hopefully things will pick as we get closer to delivery!
Well, obviously, you would not want a teacher to be strict to the point of abusive, but that doesn't sound like that would be happening. On the other hand, are you paying a piano teacher to actually teach your children piano, or to have fun with them? I would want to take them to whomever could do the job the best and most efficiently.   Older and experienced also does not have to mean not fun. Often teachers and students bond when their parents and siblings are not...
Congratulations on your new baby! Enjoy her!!  
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