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Welcome :D
Thank you guys for replying, it is nice to know you have all had some wonderful experiences. BroodyWoodsgal I agree the name orgasm birth is a bit, hmmm, made me feel 'wrong?' lol whether that is stereo forming for you or not, who knows. I am glad those of you who hospital birthed enjoyed it and I am sure with confident staff who are intuitive and passionate about their role, it can go beautifuly. I am very lucky to have a supportive boyfriend and wonderful...
Thank you Tiredx2. I am not due until next may, but glad the first few months are over and am now regaining energy.  Ten year old are deffo fun for sure, hope yours enthralls you as much as mine :)  Be well and thanx again for the welcome.
Sounds blissful Cassandraz :) 
Thank you :D
Thank you :D x
I think like you said, it just sold home birth to me more than ecstatic birth lol I am still trying to get my boyfriend to watch it, but he is put off by the orgasmic part. I liked the fact it gave so much information, statistically of how technology has taken over naturality. The hospital bit just made me convinced that is not where I want to be to have my second child. My first child was a hospital delivery and it was thirty hours of distress for us both. So agreed...
Hello all of you, my name is Lisa, I am a 32 yr old mum to be again, I have a little boy with Aspergers, who I homeschool, I say little, he is ten, I think I may be in a little denial there lol I came here to talk to others about bumps, the excitement and worries that they bring and to mainly have somewhere I can go 'YAY! I have a baby in my belly...whoop whoop!' without it getting too irratating  So welcome to me, and I am very happy to meet all of you, I have done...
Just watched this documentary, was not at all what I thought it would be, and has actually empowered me with the decision to home birth, I feel a lot more confident about my decision than I had before watching this, was wondering if anyone else has watched it and what there thoughts where... :) be well all...
I have e-mailed a placenta professional about encapsulating mine now....wow, a sentence I never knew existed, let alone what I would do, knowing what it meant lol 
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