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I have shared it with my Facebook friends!  I would love to read about special needs and homeshooling.
Might you be willing to share the proportions used for this paste? It sounds wonderful!
We requested the flu mist for our son.  It is reported to be free of thimerosal.
These look amazing!  It is so easy for us moms to forget to take care of ourselves too!
This giveaway is so amazing!  Thank you for the chance!
So excited for this evaluation!  My son is 5 and we are in our first year of home/unshooling.  I am absolutely devouring information to aid in expanding on his interests.  He has always been considered by the school system to be an extremely visual learner.  I was surprised pleasantly by the outcome that he leans toward the logical-mathematical.  So interested to incorporate this information into his daily rhythm.  I feel as though I already won!  Thank you!
My son Micah is to begin Kindergarten this year.  We have been feeling like homeschooling is for us.  My son was on an iep in preschool and we had to give up all our rights to special services in our town.  I think this policy is unfair. We have however, gone ahead full steam.  We begin on Thursday!  You can be your child teacher!  Bless you!
I have a four year ols son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 26 months.  Recently behaviors, rebellion and innapropriate social resoses are the new words i keep hearing.  He is a truly magical child and intelligent  as well.  He is also shamed at preschool for certain quirks he has and enjoys such as wearing his coat backwards and loving girls things.  Neither if which I discourage.  I am very interested in the gentle discipline concepts.  At school he gets...
New Posts  All Forums: