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I may be joining your community in a few months.
Lauren, we also HS and have 2. We may be moving to Rosarito this summer-ish.  Hubby has a Job interview next week in SD and that will be our deciding factor. Would love to hear your experiences and well, HS climate
Also have a possibility of moving to SD area .  DH has a job possibility in Balboa Park.  Looking for close, but affordable areas.  We would be renting not buying and want to have public transport available. Helps?
This happened to me in my first pregnancy and I was convinced that I was having a miscarriage....I had a great KNOWLEDGABLE doc at the ER and am happy to report to you that that baby is 7 now. 
I was 37 with my son's HB.  No problem, quick labor too!
Hmmm, I remember these days.
AND now there's an article written that has linked this thread! WTF in Seven Days
"So I'm the mistress?" Who thinks Michael will stay in the relationship just because he likes admitting that?? He would make a great "other man"..
I second Green, Its on Scottsdale Rd in North Tempe. It's right up the street from Udupi Cafe Green is 100% vegan and Udupi is mostly vegan. We are vegan and eat frequetly at both places. There's always the salad bars, Souper Salad and Sweet Tomatoes also. They have a lot of vegetarian dishes and some vegan dishes along with salad vegetables.
Possibly Thursday..
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