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Cottonbabies was one of my main shopping spots back then. So that's probably what I'm remembering. With that and Little Lions being gone, it's a sad day for me lol.
That's a good cover package.  But not what I was looking for.  I've done about 100 google searches and I think I just need to accept that it's no longer offered lol.  It's a bummer, but not much I can do.  Thanks for checking.
Two years ago I bought a cloth diaper cover package.  It included something like two colored bummis, a prowrap, a plastic pull up cover, and a wool cover.  It was the perfect package and very reasonably priced.  Now I can't find it anywhere.  I'm guessing whoever sold it to me doesn't offer it anymore because I can't find it at all.  Anyone know of a cloth diaper cover package anything like that?  Especially with the wool cover included?  Thanks!  :)
I just wanted to wish you luck.  I am a soon to be surrogate who also lives in Ventura County, CA. :)  I am going indy though, so I have no good agency recommendations.  I hang out on all about surrogacy for my surrogacy questions and answers.  Hopefully you can find a place that can answer your questions for you.   
That was me last week.  Period.  Starving.  Bloated.  No energy.  It just sucked.  I'm new again to periods after many years of not having them...and I kind of forgot how much they blew.  I'm sure you'll be right back on track when yours is over.  And we still have 3ish weeks before June.  That is still a good hunk of time to get results! :)   I was down another pound this morning.  Seven months of the scale not budging, and now the weight is finally starting to fall...
I lost four pounds!  First time I've seen my scale budge since getting that stupid birth control shot back in October.  And this is after a weekend of drinking and eating cake lol.  I wish that I could afford some fat burners, but maybe it's better that I can't.  That stuff can't be that great for me.   How is everyone else doing? 
I am not anti-adoption.  I only see one person on this thread who I know to be anti-adoption, and she has been pretty quiet and polite about that fact.    I still can't help but feel like this is a terrible idea though.  I have been around the adoption world from the birth parent side for a long time now.  It's just not that easy to give away a child (and yes I realize that "place" is the more p.c. term).  I've seen adoption destroy too many birth parents, including...
My scale won't budge from 127.  Heavy sigh.  I skipped working out last night to see the Avengers with my boyfriend.  My work out today was awesome, I think I needed the break.  I may even do a P90X video at home while I am feeling so spunky.  I just wish some pounds would come off already!  I'm hoping that some will leave when my period does.
It probably is.  I remember getting "bubbles" as a kid too and it being pretty uncomfy.  But I don't think that she is having bubbles all.the.time.  And if she is, I am baffled as to how to fix that lol.  Either way, she needs to keep her hands off of her privates in public, bubbles or not lol.  I also plan on taking her to check, yet again, for a UTI.  Just to be sure.
I am 5'3 and I weigh 127.  My "usual" weight is around 105.  But my fourth baby and/or the depo shot seems to have messed that all up.  So I am looking for my new normal.  I am not happy where I am, but I don't see me getting down to that low of a weight again anytime soon.
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