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I would be taking a good probiotic every hour or two until it calms down.  Also some ginger pills, cause why not.   If you have phenergen or zofran, those can work for nausea/vomiting.  I personally wouldn't try and take anything to stop the diarrhea cause it's helping you get rid of the illness and none of the meds are really considered safe anyways.   Hope you feel better soon!
Oops.  Wrong thread.  :)
I think the situation could have been handled differently/better as well.  With out the screaming and freaking out.  I can't say I would have been actually angry like your husband was cause I kind of understand why you panicked.  But I would have been very embarrassed and it may have come off as angry.
    Thanks for that idea.  I can barely sew...but this seems like something I could probably accomplish if I really try.   I gave in and bought two maternity shirts today.  They are so comfy and I love them!  Too bad for the most part I have to hide them under a big sweat shirt since I am still hiding the pregnancy from many people.  My pants still fit just fine.  My last pregnancy, I never even moved up a size in pants or needed maternity ones.  But I am pretty hungry...
My appointment is done.  I am officially 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  Which makes my due date August 21st.  There was actually a wiggly baby in there with a heart beat and everything.  Even better...there was only one in there!    It feels so real now.  I guess I was in denial or something before because all I can think now is "crap, I am having another baby!"   I still worry about miscarriage and all that, but I think after this I am going to be a lot calmer...
I don't know.  It seems like maybe they all had a reason to want to get it out though if they were being so extra aggressive about it?  I have had three hospital births too and they are always very quick to want to get the placenta out.  I think cause once that's done the doctor is pretty much done and leaves at that point.  I never stopped them though cause in my case mine kind of just fall out.  But I would have no problems demanding for them to wait if I had a history...
O and cheetos!  I want some cheetos so darn bad.  The big fluffy, cheesy, not at all healthy kind in the orange bag.  But so far I have been able to resist that craving.  It's pretty junky, even for me.
Weird cause for me I am normally very lactose intolerant and it seems to have gone away this pregnancy.  I have been eating all kinds of dairy that I wouldn't normally be able to eat.  My favorite snack lately has been great grains cereal on top of yogurt.  I also crave mac and cheese like crazy but have been trying not to make it cause I know I will just eat it all.  I keep asking the kids though if they want me to cook it and I think they are sick of me asking them...
Not showing yet is no reason to worry!  I am on my fourth and this is the first time I've shown early.  Even on my third baby I never got big enough to even need maternity pants.  Every body type is different.   I have my blood work and ultrasound at the specialist tomorrow.  I am so nervous.  It's just been the weirdest pregnancy ever and I have no idea what to expect.  I will update after my appointment.  :)
Well the James guy and I finally got together...and now I'm pregnant.   Wondering if he is going to stick around for this, or if he is more likely to bail?    I have a feeling, but I'm curious to see what you see.   Thanks :)
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