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I HATE pushing too!  It's always good to know that it's almost over and all (I never push for very long).  But at that point I'm tired, panicky, weak, and just want it over with!  Plus every time I get the urge to push it feels like I am going to puke.  It's like a bad dry heave kind of feeling or something.  Not pleasant...especially for someone terrified of throwing up.  It definitely has distracted me before from getting the baby out since there have been many times I...
Thanks.  I paid for a question yesterday and now can't find the start a new thread button.  I know it can technically take a while for the payment to clear, but it always used to be pretty instant.    I never used to have trouble navigating that forum before the change.  Thanks for the help.
I did a lot of moving this morning.  Including carrying heavy boxes and things.  Now I have a sharp/crampy pain in my lower belly that has me nervous.  I am pretty sure lifting stuff can't cause a miscarriage, but boy do I feel dumb right now.  It's just me and dd though, so I really don't know how else I am supposed to get stuff like this done.   Heavy sigh.  Does anyone know if the pain sounds normal?  Kind of feels like a pulled muscle in my tummy I guess.
The not knowing is so hard.  I don't have any words of wisdom since I still go through the same worries a lot too (I am also 8 weeks).  But I am thinking of you and sending you good vibes.
Since the change, I can't find the link to pay.  Can someone help me find it?  Thanks :)
Leftovers, yes.  Deli meat, no.    Hot dogs I crave something fierce during every pregnancy for some reason.  I never eat them and always plan to enjoy them after the baby is born.  Then I have the baby and don't want a hot dog anymore.    So...today I ate two hot dogs. And they were so awesome and good. I guess it's my fourth baby so I am getting more lax about things.  As an emetaphobic though I am usually pretty uptight about food.
I feel really good.  Which has me feeling negative and paranoid.  The only real symptoms I have are being really hungry and lazy.  Well I guess my boobs are huge, but that's probably from all the food I have been eating.  This pregnancy doesn't feel like any of my others (I am nowhere near sick enough) and I just don't know what to think.  I will be so upset if I gained all this weight for nothing (shallow I know, but that thought has been really bugging me).    I...
I got an edible arrangement for my birthday yesterday and it is the best thing I have eaten ever!  lol  So apparently fruit and chocolate are cravings of mine that I wasn't even aware of until now.
Dawn, your belly looks like my belly!  Nice to see someone else who pops so early.  You look adorable. :)
Yes it's extremely common, especially with schizophrenia meds.  I remember some of them making me sleep 18+ hours a day.  There's a reason most people in mental homes are all zombified.  And the doctors always swear it gets better.  But I was in a day program with other schizophrenics for a year back in 2008, long enough for people to get their meds stabilized a little you'd think.  And there wasn't a day that happened where people didn't complain about being tired, doze...
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