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I have it Carrie.  It's a good work out I guess.  I've used it from time to time during all of my pregnancies.  I didn't have any complaints about safety or anything with it.  I found her annoying and the dance routine extremely repetitive and boring.  But I am an aerobics instructor, so I am pretty hard to please with that stuff lol.  It was much better than many of the other pregnant work out tapes I've seen on the market.
I am so jealous.  I gave away all my maternity clothes cause I was done having babies and planning on tying my tubes soon.  So I got nothing and no money to buy anything at the moment.  All my pants still fit (low waisted), but shirts are another story.
In about an hour I go to meet with a potential midwife.  I'm still not sure how I feel about dealing with a midwife again after how I was treated by them the last couple of times.  But she seems really nice and works some interesting payment plans for people on Medicare, so I'm going to go and meet her at least. 
Pizza yesterday went very badly.   But today I finally got my turkey/cranberry sandwich and it was heaven.   I also have a new weakness for capri-sun pouches.  I never buy them for Zayla, but I have secretly been buying them just for me and they taste so awesome.  :)
Thank you Peony.  I was starting to have nightmares about twins and triplets lol.
  You guys had me all nervous cause I hadn't realized how big I was for only being 6 weeks.  I thought it was normal for a forth baby I guess.  I just took these tonight and I am 6/7 weeks.  I don't think I look much bigger than last week so maybe it's not so bad? 
I am a very UP/UC person at heart.  But I am pregnant with a 42 year old bachelors baby.  He knows next to nothing about pregnancy, birth, or parenting except for what he's seen on TV.  We've only been dating for a couple of months and I have been very slowly introducing him to my crunchy ways, but it's been slow going and I'm trying not to scare him off completely already lol.  Most things with me are going to be non-negotiable (he doesn't really know that yet), but for...
Well my daughter was looking at me weird while I was standing.  She came over, lifted my shirt, looked some more, and then was kind enough to tell me "mom, you're getting kind of fat already".    I love the honesty of six year olds.
Ok I am starting to freak myself out again.  I really haven't been nauseous much at all the last two days.  For someone who normally has HG, this is making me really suspicious.  I have also had some really yucky lower belly pain for the last couple of days as well.  I just don't have a good feeling that this pregnancy will make it, I never did.  But it's been going on long enough now that I'm going to be pretty upset if it's over.  I just want to know either way and I...
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