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Congrats on the good news!  I hope things keep going great. :)   OT: Is progesterone something that everyone is supposed to get checked?  I've seen it mentioned a lot here but I've never had mine checked before and now I'm nervous that maybe they're missing something.
I drink hot chocolate and stay moving.  If I sit around the house I get even more tired and grumpy/impatient with the kids.  So we have been doing a lot of hanging around the mall, park, etc.  Anything to keep me from dozing off on the couch lol.  It's really hard though.  Exhaustion has been my main symptom and it's so hard feeling like I could just drop at any moment all the time.
I didn't know with DD1 and I didn't find it anymore exciting at the birth than when I already knew with the next two babies.  Usually after birth I am pretty sick and in some sort of shock anyways.  I will probably find out this time.  There is a chance I could end up placing this baby for adoption as well and it really helps to know the gender before hand.    My gut feeling has said boy from the beginning.  Can't wait to see if if I'm right about that or not.
I remember the toddler thing while pregnant.  It was so hard and that was my "easy" pregnancy.   Now I have a one year old, two six year olds, and sometimes a four year old here during the days.  It's exhausting and we actually watch some tv now (I never used to allow it).  But at least at the end of the day most of them go home!  Knowing that makes the days seem more tolerable.  And my fuse is short and cranky too.
For being six weeks I look six months pregnant already.  Which is making it very hard to hide it from my roommate.  I know I'm skinny and it's my fourth, but this is crazy.  I usually never end up in maternity jeans.  I usually just wear my regular low waisted ones through the entire pregnancies.  But that will not be the case this time if I keep eating and growing like this!
I am so nervous about morning sickness.  I had severe HG with my first and third.  I spent the majority of the last pregnancy in the hospital.  I only gained six pounds the entire pregnancy.  I was fine with my second though and hoping for the same this time.  I have had a few bouts of ick, but nothing terrible yet *knock on wood*.  Normally I would be violently ill by now...so maybe I lucked out again this time?  I really hope so because between being a single mom,...
I was in the ER last night for really bad side pain.  While there I got the full pregnancy work up.  And I am very pregnant still.  Barely six weeks along...so way earlier then the ten they were thinking.  And that would be why the ultrasound person missed it last time.    I'm still nervous about loss, being only six weeks and all.  But for now I am still very pregnant and I get to come back to this DDC!!!!   :)   Best Yule gift ever. :)
Oh movingmomma :hug I know how hard it is not to worry.  But during the pregnancies for my second and third child...my boobs never even hurt at all!  Symptoms can come and go so randomly.  I hope it all turns out great for you.   Ok ladies.  I need some support.  The ultrasound on Wednesday showed nothing.  I assumed another miscarriage, mourned, posted a goodbye thread here and everything.  But I feel more and more pregnant everyday.  I'm even showing...a lot.  I...
I have low grade fevers during all of my pregnancies.  Especially when morning sickness is attacking.  Emergen-C does make it feel better a lot for me, if I can stomach it.   Hope you feel better soon.
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