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...you slow down while driving past firehouses to look for firetrucks even when your toddler isn't in the car.   ...you get all the way to work without realizing you never switched off the toddler CD after dropping your toddler off at preschool.
This is completely just based on my own recent experience, but after my son had a stomach bug, he also seemed much more, I don't know, sensitive. Thinking the virus and disrupted eating may have messed up his gut flora, I increased his probiotics pretty significantly. It either helped a lot, or he coincidentally shifted his development, because things got better. The big meltdowns aren't gone, but feel fewer and milder. Good luck!
I think his fever lasted 5 days, up and down. FWIW, I've often thought that he seems to feel worse when the fever is in the 99-100 range than when it's higher...   Did you take him to the doc? Sometimes when I get really worried because my son's symptoms don't seem to be following any pattern I can figure out, when the doc sees him she immediately organizes that particular constellation of symptoms into something recognizable and can tell me what to do, even if it's...
We just came through a bout of what sounds like the same thing. Days of fever, some tummy ache, some sore throat. My son had had strep about 3 weeks before so I took him to urgent care (it was a Sunday) for a strep test which was negative. The doc dx'd it as "viral syndrome." The up and down definitely sounds viral to me. I was giving Ibuprofen for comfort and because the high fever was scaring me (103.7 at peak). He was irritable for many days after, and what either...
My son used to say "ambunips" for ambulance and "ormanips" for ornaments - I miss them!
MelW, you have no idea how encouraging it is to hear about your success with Chinese medicine. We're waiting to see a doctor who will do that and I'm so happy to hear how well it's working for you. Wow, her SKIN was blistering? How awful for you both.   Answersplease, we've done nasal saline drops (just homemade, warm water and salt) and it hasn't seemed to make much difference. Maybe I should give it another try.   Thanks so much!
I'm curious about this too but have no answers as we're a few years behind you (looking at 3yo preschool for this fall), and very interested in what people may have to say. One question: How did he do in the play-based, loosely Reggio inspired kindergarten? Did that seem to be a good fit for him? 
Thanks, I’ll try that.   I can’t help thinking there are some other layers going on here as well, because when he initiates the conversation, or sometimes when other people do, his interactions are appropriate and complex. So it’s not like he completely doesn’t know how the communications are “supposed” to go. It feels more like under certain conditions he feels comfortable and confident and enjoys it, and under others he feels anxious and just wants it to stop. So...
Thank you, Livinglife. I would never dream of punishing him or getting upset at him for any of this. I've been doing the kind of coaching you describe verbally, both before and during the interactions, but I'm intrigued by your idea of using a chart with pictures. I'm not sure though what the pictures would look like. Can you suggest a few examples?   Thanks!
My son is becoming increasingly distressed by certain situations and I’m really struggling with how best to support him. He’s 3, has mild ASD, and is very verbal. He’ll be totally fine, and then someone talks to him or to me, or I talk to someone, and it’s almost a meltdown. I’m sure to most people it looks like he just wants my undivided attention, but it doesn’t feel like that at all. It feels like genuine distress, but I can’t pinpoint if it’s sensory, or anxiety, or...
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