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Are any of the things you are giving him available at Whole Foods by chance?   All are at WF except the vitamins, which we get at the "regular" grocery store.
This has been a big area of concern for me as well. My DS (22 months) was on the colds-every-2-or-3-weeks routine last winter and through the summer. Thanks to advice from this board and others and our pediatrician, I am now giving him elderberry syrup and infant/toddler vitamins daily, and when he starts to sound the slightest bit congested, I increase the elderberry and add echinacea drops and a homeopathic remedy called Umcka which has worked miracles in me as well....
I just wanted to echo lizsky's comments and thank her for them. Amen sister!
DS is the same! Early words, early sentences, and now at 21 months we are having the most amazing conversations. I'd say just enjoy it, have fun with it - so cool to know what's going on in the hearts and minds of such little people. I also think it has helped him maintain his mostly contented personality as he approaches 2 - when you can communicate well, there is less frustration!
Thank you everyone, so much, for your advice and your support. I really appreciate it! Last night, he slept 12 hours straight :) I don't expect this will happen every time or anything, but I'll take it!   Newmamalizzy, I used to be able to go in right away and soothe without picking up, but in this latest round he gets furious if I try this, and yes, frantic crying describes it perfectly. I have tried adjusting sleep times a bit - I think it's helped a little but...
Hi everyone, I'm new here and have already learned so much from everybody. There have been some earlier posts on this issue and they have helped me understand that every situation and every solution is different for every family, but I would love any advice on our situation.   My DS, 21 months, had been an excellent sleeper up until around the beginning of last month. Now, he wakes up between 1 and 3 a.m. most nights, and is usually up for 2-3 hours. At first it...
About a month ago my son had a fever with no other symptoms. We called the doc after 48 hours, and it turned out this was a virus going around - fever, no additional symptoms, resolves in about 5-6 days. No idea if this is what your daughter may have, but at the time I found it comforting to know it was nothing out of the ordinary. Hope she feels better soon!
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