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I'm glad you've started the conversation and feel good about it so far, Spring Lily.  Good for you for being proactive! 
I do think it is different when someone is aware of their own needs, and what they are.  That said, I'd probably open up a conversation with my kids (both of whom have special needs of two very different types by the way):   "DD, I noticed the other day that Uncle ___ didn't say anything when you showed him how much you loved the Christmas present he got you, and when you showed him your drawing.  I wonder how you felt about that..."   "I hear you.  That was...
So our ped ended up recommending Beth Ashenberg in Worcester (she has another office elsewhere too).  We've done an initial meeting with her.  I have a really  good feeling about her.
I always get a big fat nothing with these things!   For those of you getting something, rock on!
Oh, those are good ideas EmsMom and Saoirse2007! 
We do an activity advent calendar too.   As for gifts, we've long ago stopped gifting to folks outside the immediate family, largely due to financial hardships.  We just told people not to include us in any gift exchanges because we were really trying to emphasize "the reason for the season" in our family and felt gifts were a distraction.  Folks seemed to generally understand, and though a few people still give us small gifts, they always make a point about how it...
I'm with JoyFilled.  We've only had good experiences with respite.  The kids often see it as something of a vacation, and since we didn't have to worry about setting a bad (or unsustainable) precedent, we were able to do things like order pizza or go out for ice cream, or let the kids decide to stay at the park for half the day.  Of course, we never did it with other kids in our home.  And we always did it with kids age eight and up, so everything was explained to them...
 Continuing to think of you and your entire family.    
I just thought of another idea that I think will be good: paper dolls.
I totally didn't mean this to be a thread of suggestions just for me.  I'd love to get a thread going with folks just sharing the best gifts they've ever made their kids.  I thought it would be fun!   Sorry that wasn't clear.   Good ideas!  Thanks!   Thanks for the ideas.  We've been doing crayon-making and playdough as a family lately...actually inspired by a Christmas gift someone gave the kids a year or two ago.  It's fun!  I think I might end up doing some coupons,...
New Posts  All Forums: