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I am so sorry.  I am thankful you have been able to provide this darling girl with a good situation for so long, but I feel heartbroken for you about handing her over with so many questions still about the mother's abilities.  I am just...sorry.  Please know that all of us are thinking of you.
I thought it would be great to get a thread going with in which we can share ideas about gifts to make for kids.  I'll start.  Last year our dd was 3 and our ds was 4.    We had an old wooden bedframe that was broken.  We took it apart and made it into simple wooden balance beams for the kids (two challenge levels) and a rope ladder.  That rope ladder hangs in our home in a doorway and still is a *huge* hit, by the way. Using some paper I had stashed away from...
We're doing something similar.  I even started a blog on it: http://downsizingwithkids.blogspot.com/  (it's all very dreamy right now, but it's going to get down to the nitty gritty soon).  On the blog I only say that the reason for the move is me going back to school.  What I don't talk about is that (1) one of the things that pushed me to go back to school right now is that my salary was really starting to feel insecure in this economy and it didn't look much more...
I wish I had thought to do a letter...back when...   I think it is a good idea.
Is there anything like this available in New Haven? http://myorganicdelivery.com/index.php
I am feeling really sorry for that boy too. His mother, at least as much as this one situation is evidence, is really steering him in the wrong direction. Can you imagine the adulthood he is going to have to endure with having been so mis-guided in childhood?
Yes, both as a type I diabetic (diagnosis at childhood) and as someone whose daughter was just treated for a U.T.Infection without having much in the way of symptoms, I'd say hurry to the doctor and get him checked, just in case.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy We were also told at the first agency that the sw is more important to the child than the foster family. We worked with an agency for a while that had that philosophy also. Basically, their argument was that foster families come and go for these children, but the social worker assigned to the child nearly always stays the same. They said some kids have the same social worker over ten year periods in the...
Jaya, I went down a different road with this post, but I agree with you that testing for parasites is important. Thanks for informing the rest of us how important it is to find *good,* adequate testing.
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