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Ugh! Yes! This is #3 for me, and they are so much worse this time. Much stronger and more frequent. It makes me paranoid that I'm going into PTL. They come in spurts usually at night when I'm already laying down. They last for several hours and so far tons of water and hot baths have been able to slow them. I'm actually laying down now trying to get them to stop. I've also noticed a correlation with big baby movements and gas/BMs triggering them.
Right. She knew we didn't want to know. Haven't known for our others.
We had our anatomy scan today at a college where they train sonography students. The instructor came in to review each shot the student took and show us as well, she would say...here is the spine, placenta, etc. When she got to the legs and the potty shot she just quickly moved on without saying anything. I saw 2 pretty clear shots of a girl. Didn't see the 3 lines, but definitely nothing sticking out. This will be girl #3 for us. Trying to wrap my head around being...
With my first 2 ( both girls) we DTD 1-2 days before ovulation. I was also taking (unknowingly) high calcium supplements. This time was a surprise, and Like you thought we had enough cushion. So, DTD, 4-5 days before ovulation. Wasn't taking calcium this time. So, if you go off timing it is either a girl or a really strong boy. Really, I'm not sure how much stock I put into all of it because for every story like yours where it worked, there are just as many that...
I'm curious if anyone has tried any type of gender swaying techniques. We're you successful? Still waiting to find out? Or, do you think it's a total hoax and you get what you get?
Hi ladies,   This is #3 for me.  With the first 2 (both girls) I followed the Bradley method way of eating, and I ate super healthy with lots of protein.  I craved healthy, hearty food with lots of salads and veggies...which is how I normally eat anyway.   This time around, I have less nausea, almost none, but I'm having the hardest time putting healthy food in my mouth.  I want to eat healthy, and so I usually force myself to eat something nutritious first, but...
I've been on a herbal/homeopathic cocktail from my midwife.  It knocked out the fever within 24 hours.  I've been 2 days without fever now, and still have a very painful/swollen breast.  Is it possible I still have a clogged duct, or is this just residual pain that will go away?   I'm still doing hot compresses/massage/lots of nursing, but I never have been able to feel a specific duct that is clogged.
Crystal Kent is in Kyle
I'm looking for HB midwives in South Austin too.  There are so many to choose from!    The ones I'm going to talk to are:   Illysa Foster Christy Tashjian June Lamphier Debra Day Julia Bower (though she doesn't do summer due dates)   If anyone has any insight to these ladies, I'd love to hear about them.
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