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I followed the directions. And I just wanted to say that article on HS'ing teenagers is awesome. My kids are 6,5 & 3 but some day they WILL be teens!
not here. We have 2 boys and one girl already so we would like to keep it a surprise. I think it's a girl
I'm 10 weeks and have told my parents. Hubby has yet to tell his parents and we haven't told our siblings. We have told a few friends but we won't announces it until I can't hide it anymore.
Eva, EDD 17th 4th child
nope. my older 3 are 100% vax free and will remain that way. getting WC from the vax is more common then getting a wild strain.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Naturally-Empowered-Birth-Services/222340201128131    This is my friend, she's a doula. I'm sure she can hook you up!  Good luck!
I have a friend who did CBI, she liked it. I am BAI so I can't give you my experience with CBI. I do like some of their classes and will probably take some in the future. =)  
I'm going to stalk you on every social network we are on. <3  Eva  
I don't know anything about Riverton, I've never been there but I know a few doulas and student Midwifes down there. Home schooling is super easy, just inform your local school district that you will be home schooling and give a general list of what you will be teaching. That's it. =) Midwives are legal here but only CNM and CPM, no lay midwives ( we have a few though).  Check out Wyoming For Birth Options on Facebook. =)  
 I an studying with BAI as well. I love it. I live in Wy so am doing the online course work. You can print out the entire class and go at your own pace. We have facebook pages and everyone is more than willing to help you.  I believe the current list ( that you see online) is out of date. There have been some changes made to the whole book list. =)  Email Demetria Clark and she can answer all your questions. =)  
New Posts  All Forums: