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Great post, Jennica.
"Docs kill people all the time"??? Really??? C'mon now... Sources please. That's a pretty outrageous claim .
Let's have the docs go to jail?? Umm, if what the docs do causes the child to die..that's called malpractice. If you are talking about trying to save the child's life and he dies anyway...that's a different story. Am I hearing this right..the majority of you say we need to go along with whatever a religion's actions are just because stepping in might cause you to lose some of your decision making rights? Again, there are lots of religions who committ some pretty...
Well,, how about you make the decision against the Dr's wishes and the child dies, you go to jail--either on murder chargers, manslaughter or abuse.
Their religion is listed as "Hebrew Israelites" http://www.religionnewsblog.com/1253...-raw-food-diet and you're right, there is little scientific /double blind studies to back homeopathy. Religion is used as an excuse for so many abuses.(spankings, starvation, circumcision, genital mutilation etc. etc.) I am totally sickened by it all. YOU may be religion X, but your child has not made that decision yet. Is it fair to claim him/her as a follower?
BeckC, That made coffe squirt up my nose.
Peeps are a disgusting scourge of the candy world and are only good for blowing up in the microwave. discuss.
Hands down paper. There is no guarantee from one day to the next if I will be online. Plus, I would probably end up printing the newsletter anyway and sticking it on my fridge.
captain crunchy:
Why believe any one (whose exactly??) interpretation? The Show wanted to be a SHOW so of course they came up with things that all say roughly the same. BUT I guarantee you can find any number of experts who can come up with any number of dates. Why not believe their prediction? Someone said the world will end when the population gets to 6.66 Billion (around april of this year) why not believe that person? Someone else says the Bible specifically points to 2001. Just...
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