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Total nonsense. 1st, the Mayans did not have a month called December. 2nd. their calendar ends then because it..well ends. Should they have gone on for how long? Ten years? 100? Would people think THEN would be the end.? By that logic, looking at my calendar in the kitchen the world will end..Good Heavens! Dec. 31st, 2008! as for Nostradamus.. his quatrains were so obscure,they can be interpreted to mean anything. Plus, he used the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian.
Gold is 1000/an ounce , but that is for 24K I believe. Most jewelry is 10 or 14K. What sort of price does that bring? Also if gold is at a certain price, I'm sure the jewler (or whoever) would have to offer less than was it's going for. They have to make money, too.
I would be more comfortable with her watching a baby than a (possibly)rambunctious toddler or 7 yr old. At that age, they can move quicker and get into a lot more trouble than a (probably) non-mobile baby.
In the winter, We try for every other night. In the summer..depending if they went swimming in a pool(no shower then), lake, (shower now) or just played outside (shower)
HORRIBLE..violent and scary. If Harry Potter gets a PG13 how in the world did these get a PG? PLUS they only slightly resemble the books in that Yes, the name is Spiderwick, and they got the kids' names right. Beyond that..... BAH. I understand editing because you can't fit everything in, but this completely changed the story!
When I got my braces..in 1979 they cost 1800 dollars. My dd just got hers and the bill came to 5000.
This is my HUSBAND'S..not mine, but..a (LARGE) box containing 50+ empty 7-Up cans that came out in the 70's. When you stack them just right they make a picture of Uncle Sam (I think). DH just will not give those things up. He thinks they're collectible. So SELL the damn things!!
Ok..I just thought this was funny. I had yesterday off from work and spent the day vaccuuming, washing walls..general tidying up. My 9 yr old comes home from school, walks into the living room and announces, "I don't know why, but the house looks like 90% cleaner!" It cracked me up. 90%??!! huh.
I was just going to post this! I had a stomach bug for a day or 2 and we needed our mid month fill-in-the-gaps- shopping run (milk, bread, eggs etc.) I had budgeted 50.00. DH shopped for me when I was down and out and came back with groceries totalling.... $137.00!!!!!! If I wasn't so sick I would have strangled him!
Brad Pitt is a dead ringer for a younger Robert Redford.
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