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My kids lost both grandmas when they were 3 and 6 (a tough year for the family). There was nothing scary to them about a matter of fact discussion about death, not needing the body, cremation etc. I guess it was the matter of factness ..this is the way it is..sort of thing. We also explained some poeple's bodies are buried and then they return to the earth etc. etc.
I had my 3 yr old bolt off into a crowd of thousands. I scooped up my 1 yr old and chased after her,
Plus, do you plan on baking something at 500 degrees?
My last check before X-mas was 225.oo short! The can't fix it until after the schools open after the new year!
Is there a book/ web site that addresses the emotional issues of spending? For example, I have an acquaintance that grew up very poor. As a result, she will NEVER use hand me downs or any sort of used item for herself or her daughter. Personally, I have a big one. My mother and mother-in-law died with days of each other at the age of 60 after years of debilitating cancer. For so long I heard, "When we retire we'll travel, do this do that" ..blah blah blah Well..it...
Bake from scratch? Like cookies and stuff..Once or twice a month. How often do you give the dog a bath?
1. I'm at work and GLAD not to be home at the moment 2. I just finished a cup of coffee 3. I cried buckets at Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 4. I'd love to have a bag of Doritos right now. 5. I hate winter
sucks.. Rhubarb
Santa doesn't wrap presents he brings to our house. sooo...the scooter ds is getting is in the neighbor's garage and the globe for dd is still in the big shipping box in our bedroom.
It's funny ..none of my atheist friends warned me NOT to take the kids to Chronicles of Narnia because it was written by a CHRISTIAN!
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