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My dad had a "beater" 94 wagon he'd take fishing and when he sold it to someone it had 112,00 miles on it. We have a 98 or 99 Escort and it has well over 110,00 miles with nothing major gone wrong.
sports cards, pokemon etc. cool shoe laces super ball Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (gross out factor a PLUS!) silly string slinky comic book flarp (goo stuff that makes a fart noise when pushed in..again gross out factor) Hot Wheels Play Dough Dollar coin(s) cool pens pencils for school hand held electronic game (from 5-10.00)
I just finished Jude the Obscure by Hardy. I was a blubbering mess in at least 2 sections. OY. I've never read Hunchback of Notre dame. I think that may be next.
Anything musical, anything artsy or craftsy, video games (my kids don't even ask me to play with them anymore) driving a stick shift
Ok, we're weird..I know. We raise our temp up to 68 at night . LOL...I hate being cold at night, and lord knows how often I'll have to get up and pad around. During the day between 62 and 65. I'm moving and working so I keep warm.
The theory of evolution is as much a theory as the theory of gravity ! Evolution is simply change over time. It happend and it is happening....
The Angel tree we help is for folks in nursing homes with no family to speak of. They always ask for pretty robes or socks and slippers--very basic stuff.
I am an atheist, BUT my kids have a Shari Lewis and Lambchop video about Hannakah (sp) In it, she invites others over for a dinner and one responds, "Oh, I'm not Jewish" To which Shari responds, "You go to birthday parties even though it's not your birthday, don't you?" I look at it that way. I'm joining in their celebration of their special day.
smeisnotapirate, Then I guess I'm not human then. If my house burns down I look for a reason..electrical. arson, stuff on the stove, kids with matches...nothing supernatural, nothing "universal".
"Matt"? really? I watched it again and it sounds like an "s" at the end and her mouth wasn't forming an "M" shape...
New Posts  All Forums: