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Dh and I are arguing to the point of divorce (kidding) about what Molly's last word was before she passed out. Was it "pets"? She was saying, "Leave them alone!", but what was the last thing?
Dearest DH...Just beccause I am at home does not mean I am not working. When you call from work just to say HI 3 times a day it really cuts in to my laundry, dishes, cooking, vaccuuming, carpet scrubbing, kitchen floor washing time. Yes, I do sound irritated when I have to stop what I'm doing, get to the phone, trip over the dogs and the cord and hear, "Hi. Whatcha doin'? "for the 3rd time."
Count me as one who doesn't get it either. Why pay those breath taking prices for a square of silk? Can you just buy some remnants of different types of material/patterns for waaaayyy less? Heck a couple of beach towel and or an old sheet was just what we needed for forts.
Iowa here...I've heard it...Maybe even used it myself.
The repo man just wants the car...if he searches out the "owner" then it can turn in to all sorts of hassles..screaming, crying, begging,sometimes violence. My uncle (who retired as a Big Guy with GM) started out as a repo man for GM on the south side of Chicago 40 yrs ago. The less he had to deal with anyone, the easer it was. Consequences of one action 9or non-action) can be far-reaching and..well..suck..sometimes.
The repo guys job is to get the car. Period. Car seats are free from most hospitals if you need them.
excellent post, Jennica!
perhaps teachings is the wrong word..."traditions" would be better: IE: head coverings, Latin, not ever touching the Host, no women near the altar..etc. My dh's aunt changed parishes because 'GASP" there were female acolytes!
I disagree that talking to a person is the BEST way to find out about the religion itself. I know Catholics (I was raised one, then escaped!) who still cling to pre-Vatican 2 teachings. I remember the nuns teaching things that I now know NOT to be catholic Doctrine. How do I know that? I READ books! I asked my presbyterian mil about Calvinism/predestination etc....all things I have read about. She knew NOTHING of such things. I know a Baptisit who LITERALLY interprets the...
we made a hard and fast rule early on.."No fundraisers" period. Takes all the pressure off the kids. What i do is write a check for 10.00 directly to the school/PTO?Band Dept. whatever. That way the school gets the whole 10.00 and not just a percentage and I'm not stuck trying to do something with a crock of fake orange cheese .
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