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But..what if her work really was crappy? I expect my superiors to be judgemental...that's sorta part of their job.
umm..If you are to be "impeccable with your words", why would he put "Don't take anything personally" if he didn't mean it? Even if it was just on a book flap?
Some of you who are responding to my post must be considerab;y younger than me. LOL.. CABLE????? Shoot, I think I was in Sr. High before cable came through. Nope, in my impressionable years I think Baretta was as bad as it got and that was on Waaayyy after my bedtime. There is no way you will convince me that those certain grotesque images from tv now will do any good to a young person. There's lots of things I may enjoy, or my child for that matter. That does not mean...
Those who say they had unrestricted tv as kids...OK, I did too..BUT TV was a waayy different animal when I was a kid (70's) I mean it got as violent as 6 Million Dollar Man and Starsky and Hutch. The other day I turned on CSI (I think) and there was a mutilated woman corpse wrapped in packing tape who they found out freqented a sex club. Now WHY would I want my 11 yr old to see that? That it waay different than watching Steve Austin throw someone across the room in slo-mo.
The whole point of the series was to show EXTREMISM and it's effect on the political and cultural landscape., not to outline and present each religion.
I'm nankay2002
LOVE football. Counting the days until we go to that great northern shrine...Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. GO PACK!!!
"What A Wonderful World" Louie Armstrong
My friend's ds' pre-k teahcer came to visit. The theory is it makes the kiddos more comfortable seeing and relating to the teacher at school after seeing and playing with the teacheri n "his space". ILess of a stranger in a strange place feeling the 1st day of school. It wasn't an inspection. The teacher came in sat in the living room and chatted and played with the kiddo for about 45 min .
Perhaps because the report seemed to have pissed off everybody equally, it really WAS unbiased.
New Posts  All Forums: