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"Lois needs to be poisoned."
Truemists..How true your post rang! We are at the receiving end of clothes from 2 different families. who tend to buy VERY expensive stuff..(Ralph Lauren, MUDD, AEropostale..etc.) and I buy some basic mix and match stuff from Lands End. My ds still isn't totally aware of what's cool and will gravitate toward extreme comfort (ie: the sweatshirt on the floor and stretched out stretchy pants) if I don't guide her a bit. I have designated a dresser drawer for "at home...
Avent's quote: "Well, I think it's a big leap to jump from "I don't hear much" to "therefore they must not be talking." Another option is to look at the media bias. Not just any religious bias, but the general bias towards extremism and sensationalism. Maybe because the moderates are not "extreme" they are 1) busy having a life and job, or 2) don't have the media machines (and attention) (read: money) the extremists have. Extreme news sells (hence why they didn't do a...
What was the matter with those comments? can you imagine having to wear one of those all the time? I put on a 'full unit "once and thought I would suffocate just standing there.
These folks are in the news because they are the ones shaping local, national and international policy! Perhaps if the moderates of each separate religion would step up to the plate and make a little noise against these people, they too would be in the news. As it is , because I hear little, if anything, from the moderates I tend to believe they agree with what is being done/said and like having the so-called 'extemists" do their dirty work for them without having all the...
With an infant, why don't you leave him in the cart as you unload the groceries, roll the cart with babe back to the corral and then carry babe back to car? I HATE seeing carts loose. I actually make a point to round those babies up if I find some around me.
I don't think it's sad at all. Not everyone likes other peoples children. Not everyone loves playing candyland, or pretend restaurant, or coloring. Perhaps, as the kids get older and they can converse more, the grandparents will become more attentive. Perhaps not. Maybe they see themselves as " retired" from kid-dom. My grandmother and I became very close after I was probably the age of 11 or 12. By then we could talk about books, and do puzzles together , discuss family...
I saw all 3 parts and it made me sick to my stomach and frightened me to think these people are getting such power.
Great advice!! Thanks
Her hair? well..she combs it ..mostly. But usually it is straight down and plastered to her head. For those of you familiar with Harry Potter, we refer to this style as "Snape hair"
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