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 So are we! :)
We are in Yokosuka! :)
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Once again, Japan takes things to a new level... Interestingly, I read once that the Japanese, at least, tend to get ear wax that doesn't respond to cotton swabs and they have to use things more like bobby pins. So the folks in this thread who have the same sort of extra dry wax might look into products from Japan to replace your bobby pins. (I know at least one company sells a mirror system to let you see in...
Barbara~I don't remember where at you are but if you are close to me, let me know if I can help in any way. We are in Yokosuka.
Quote: Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie Okay, here is our official blog and official announcement to the world about our RV plans. This is the countdown. http://livinginspiredtour.oxygenaddicts.org/ We finally told friends and family and everyone through my radio show yesterday! So far, the response has been great. People keep telling me they think it's awesome and that if anyone can make it happen they know that I can. So that's good. ...
I agree with what ilanaRose said in the beginning. Quote: Originally Posted by OvenSeeksBun I can't say I appreciate the expression "lily-white". How would you feel if I described the driver as "charcoal-black"? I'm not normally so sensitive, but when you make such a big deal about a racial issue such as this, I think it is very disrespectful to use a derogatory term. Well said, momma! Why is it ok to call someone "lily-white" when...
I know several troops are doing something similar here. Let me ask my girlfriend for some suggestions & I will get back to you as soon as I hear from her. Sounds like a wonderful project!
I like them all but Emera. Imari is my favorite. I've met several of the cutest little girls with that name with various spellings. I live in Japan but believe it or not all of the girls parents heard about the names in Spain, Mexico & Guam. That is where the 3 of them were born.
Quote: Originally Posted by mntnmom NO!!! The military cannot REQUIRE dependents to do ANYTHING! They can however withhold certain benefits if you don't follow their rules. It is very difficult to use any CDC programs, or certain sport programs if your child is not up to date on their shots. But they cannot MAKE you vaccinate your child. I'm an "Army wife" of 8 yrs, and a former soldier myself. The military can bully, coerce and arm twist with the best,...
Feel free to PM me if you want to chat, momma! We are also in Japan....but Yokosuka. But do have friends in Oki.
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