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Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II A state exemption is only to exempt a child from state requirements; while in the states, the only time an exemption would come up is when using DODs schools or daycare in the states--the OP is going to Japan. The military is a bit like its own "state" with its own laws (the UCMJ). What's scary is that they are trying to pressure dependents to vaccinate by keeping them from their spouse who has no choice but to...
I agree with all of the others. Great advice! We just did an international move 2 months ago. We moved from Texas to Japan. I think it has been harder on me than it has my kids. Wishing you well on your move!
No dog! TPBM lives in Texas.
Very interesting topic! Thank you!
Way too much but I am slowly trying to pay it all off!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rowdypea Debra those names are cute! Actually some of them are kind of weird. Pregnant toast Baby in the well Yellow A****** and there are some worse than that : I like one-eyed sailor sandwich and cowboy eggs . . . now I'm hungry for eggs . . . I saw those! Who came up with those? : And I'm craving eggs now, too!
Will it make you more lucky if you share the wealth with others....say like me!?
It looks amazing! Love it!
How cool! Thanks for sharing!
I hope you are feeling better soon!
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