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During the week I get up at 6:30 to get DS ready for school. On the weekend, the time varies.
I agree with Lisa! But if that is what you want to put in the pamphlet I seriously have no clue how to do it so that it doesn't scare passengers more than they might already be. That's a hard one!
I don't mind the bright lights so much because it seems like a lot of people tend to forget when their bright lights are on. If you flash them once, they usually switch them to the regulars. And if the lights are particularly bright, I just watch the lines on the side of the road instead of looking straight ahead! But those darn blue lights tick me off! They suck! It doesn't matter if you are looking straight ahead or at the lines on the road, they are still bright. And...
Quote: Originally Posted by *MAMACITA* i would say......Nope they swim everywhere...... THERES YOUR SIGN Oh it gets better! One night DH & I were out to dinner & someone asked him that. He replied with "No, we ride on the backs of the Marines." And the woman thought he was serious & then said back that she now understands why Marines are so strong! I so wish I had a video camera that day!
DD (5) goes to bed at 7pm. DS (7) goes to bed at 7:30pm. I go to bed when I can no longer hold my eyelids open. So anywhere from 9pm to 2am.
I don't let anyone take my groceries out except when shopping at the commissary. The baggers there only work for tips!
A few weeks ago I was decluttering DS's room & found a book of mine on hysterectomies. I ask why he had it & he said it sounded interesting! Maybe he'll grow up to be a doctor?!
Quote: Originally Posted by leafwood Over the weekend we went to meet my parents for breakfast. Dd (2y 9m) is very into pocketbooks lately. She chose one to take and when we were at breakfast I see her fish into it, grab a $1 bill and start waving it at the waitress saying "I would like some sausage". What in the world!!!! We never give her $. When asked she told all of us (through our laughter) that her Gramps (my grandfather) gave her "paper money" last...
DH is in the Navy & I have had several people ask me if the Navy has ships & submarines like other countries do. :
Quote: Originally Posted by ColoradoMama Cool. I want a Vitamix and a Dyson! OMG - I'm old. I want the same things! And that minivan....just WOW! I think DH would actually agree to that one...not like I need it or anything! I would also like a HUGE 4 bedroom house just so I could turn the 4th bedroom into a major scrapbooking room!
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