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Unfortunately it is not just Michigan (I am orginally from there). The only place that I have ever been asked to leave while breastfeeding was at the YMCA in West Seattle. I was upsetting the other people at the pool. I guess it was good that I was only nursing my 7 month old and not my 3 year old. That really would have put them over the edge. I think this just goes to show that the YMCA needs to get a breastfeeding policy on the books.
Have you had your thyroid checked? The extreme sleepiness and hair loss make me think about hypothyroidism.
I heard that line so many times with both of my births. My husband actually made me a beautiful certificate that I have framed in my office. See you do get an award for not using drugs!!
I guess I don't get it. Your story is beautiful. I am planning my third homebirth and both times so far I have had times where I "wimped out" and thought I couldn't do it. I have attended many births where those same words and feelings were uttered. This is an amazing story of a mother and child working together. Thanks for sharing it.
This doesn't surprise me too much. My brother is a police officer and has been called several times about kids who won't go to bed or listen to their parents. He has never intervened, but provided resources for the family.
There are other reasons people may need or want forumla. I know women who desperately wanted to breastfeed and have very real reasons for not being able to. I also have breastfed two children (one still going) well past the age of two, but had two cans of formula in our emergency supplies in the event that I was not with them during an earthquake or other disaster and could not get back. This of course was when they were infants. I know it is hard, but I don't think we...
Wow. Sorry, just trying to help. I tried to express in my email what typical measles looks like. I agree that a blood test for both IgM and IgG would be very helpful. I don't know why you are making assumptions that I would or would not agree with you about circulating virus from MMR. "People aren't always "typical" and that's often the thing that people like you forget." I wonder what you know about me or people like me. I don't think you know anything about...
This really does not sound like measles to me. Typically folks with measles will start out with a pretty high fever, runny nose, may have a cough and conjunctivitis. Somewhere between the 3rd and 7th day a rash will appear overlapping the fever. This can distinguish it for roseolla since you get a high fever that goes away and then the rash develops. The rash starts on the face and works its way down to a full body rash. People with measles usually feel pretty bad. ...
I had terrible heartburn with my first two pregnancies. I would avoid the milk if I were you, it is only a temporary fix and can actually make things worse. I did the papya and Tums as well. I did get great relief from acupuncture. The great thing for me was that once the babies were out the heartburn was instantly gone. I hope it is the same for you.
I flew about 3 1/2 weeks before my daughter was born. I did a bit of research about hospitals in the area. I had a home birth, but figured if I went into labor there I may end up in a hospital. They do have restrictions by airline I would check into. No one even bothered to ask me.
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