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I don't have a nanny, but my vacation and sick leave at work is all bundled. I can spend it any way I want. You might consider that framing for your Nanny. She already gets paid leave. If she chooses to spend it on vacation, then it won't be paid for sick time. Maybe she should save a few days out for sick days. That's what I do. 
I'm sorry for your experience. don't be too hard on the other moms though. You just don't know what situations they have going on at home - who has other children that need attention or sick spouses or aging parents or whatever. You just don't know anyone's situation. 
I really agree that you need to see a doctor about this. There's no reason you can't have stitches at this point. It will really help. i know you feel like you have no friends, but this may just be the point where you need to move out of your comfort zone and ASK for help from someone you know locally - either help for you or help with the 4 year old. You would be surprised at how willing people are to help (even near strangers) when you reach out and ask for help.   
79 to go.    8 and a half pair of newborn socks and an old new born diaper to neighbor. She gave me 6 of the socks, so it seems fair they should go back.    Cleaning DD's room - so far, 1 old Sky Mall magazine.    68 to go. I've really petered out this month. I hope I can get rid of some more baby clothes. 
It sounds like you are looking for a very professional, repeatable childcare. I'm thinking that the less formal arrangements you have made - in-home care and nannies aren't quite what you are looking for. Do you think you'd be happier at a small-medium sized center where there is more training for the providers and more professionalism? I'm not saying that nannies and in-home care can't be professional, but there are pros and cons to each arrangement and I don't think...
This thread is making me laugh. Littlest birds is the kind of discreet wife my husband wants ( is it a southern thing?). Sadly, the kind of wife he got is the one who's would be roaring like a Dino all week. My family hails form NYC, NY, BTW.
1 pair broken 3 d glasses - trashed,
Good will drop complete - was motivated because they are giving movie passes for Wednesday drop offs - but - it's only good Mon-Thurs, which doesn't help me much, but oh well.   Also added 2 shirts that are slightly fraying but it was hard to give them up. 2 old brief-case type bags. and did a MAJOR clean-up of little papers and post-it notes around my work desk.   Calling it 80 to go.
not a SAHM, but I have to second the notion that sometimes being a mom is just enough to make it click. There was a situation at work where all these moms had babies and they were all talking about them - and I was like - I'm on an ENTIRE different page than these women. You'd think we'd have more in common since we were all juggling work and childcare, but we were a world a part.   And I had the same thing with a knitting group - I just had nothing in common with...
Would a piggyback ride work for those times when you need her to move at your pace? It's also nice because it puts them close to your face so you can talk again.  
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