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I love all these tips! What really inspired me was the Sustainable Relationship section...all the tips were great and so essential to help kids and people in general learn how to communicate and get along well. It is so much better when things are made personable...like calling on the phone or writing a letter instead of emailing and such. 
We recycle so much more than we ever did. When it comes to cleaning we make our own sprays for dusting and also sprays for making a room smell good by using essential oils. 
I know that he still needs milk in which I do give almond milk during meals that he drinks from a cup. I have only strictly breastfed and have not done any bottles with him. I guess I will continue to offer to him and see what happens.   But has anyone else had a similar experience where their child has stopped breastfeeding by themselves like this without having to fully wean them off?
So my son just turned 14 months. About a week ago he got a fever that lasted a day and found that he was teething. At that point he was still breastfeeding (twice a day). I was thinking of moving to one feeding throughout the day b/c it didn't seem like he was emptying me. Once the fever was gone he started a runny nose and his appetite wasn't that great for a couple of days. At that point he was refusing to breastfeed. His appetite has been back the past few days, but...
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