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Oh! I got it! I read that you hold his penis up to urinate in the toilet and couldn't imagine what was going on over there, LOL! He's standing up! (I guess a lot of children learn that way?) Anyhow--just have him sit!
And, of course, children only spend a part of their day in care, but the whole of their lives circumcised. But I do get the OP's point about care--in some circles, it's just assumed that after your baby is 6 weeks old, you're going to WANT to get back to 'what's important.' (No kidding, I've heard that!)
<> As the saying goes. . . "This time, it's personal!" Also be sure to check out the links on the "Complications" threads.
Cut the ties--it isn't just the language that bothers me--it's the stereotypes of certain behaviors. He doesn't act like he's African-American? He acts like who he is! When she calls, just say, politely, "No Thanks, I am extremely uncomfortable with the way you think and talk about race, my child, and my husband." Than hang up. If she (ever) has a revelation or experiences any personal growth, she'll call you and let you know. Most likely ya won't be hearing from...
<> Ha! Don't count on it! We lived < 1 hr. from my ILs when we were first married, and we knew that we wanted to be closer to my family--back in the house I'd bought when I was a 'yuppie'--before having children. Now we are--about an hour from my folks, 3-4 hours from his, and very...
<> Simple--it's because those bikini tops are totally...
My father was raised in a secular-Methodist family, my mother was raised in a devout Catholic family--more Irish than Roman if you know what I mean! Mom left Catholicism when she left home for college and when she and my father married after 8 years of dating (they started when she was in high school) my grandfather refused to attend the wedding and severed ties for about 4 years because she and my father had chosen to marry in a very liberal Presbyterian church. ...
I just saw it on a thread (am I allowed to say which?) called 'Complications of Circumcision.' I know there's another page that shows what complications look like in the adult male--I'll never forget one image where the skin of the glans and about half way up the penis looked more like the skin on your knee than that of a penis!
Awful, and I could only get through the first few. It seems they just get progessively worse and I can't continue. Chilling.
Yep I'd use them. Exclusively for any and all occasions pertaining to the individual who sent them--birthday, anniversary, thank-you, halloween, thanksgiving, new years, flag day. . . How many did you say there were? LOL! And I'd sign my name Teresa Smith' on all of them for consistency's sake. Hi, Cousin Jane, Just wanted to wish you a very happy Presidents Day. Hope you and all your family are healthy and well. fondly, The Smith' Family
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